Call That Girl, SC


Popular services we offer...

  • Grocery pick-up
  • Auto service coordination, drop off/pick up, oil change etc...
  • Home organization; filing, bill pay, closets, garage etc…
  • Re-fill prescriptions
  • Wait services-contractors, appliance repair/delivery
  • Home meal prep and cooking
  • Light home maintenance, painting, etc.
  • Gift shopping
  • Delivery service
  • Internet research
  • Housekeeping
  • Bill paying/organizing
  • Pet services, walking, veterinarian appointments, etc...
  • Event planning
  • Assist you with all aspects of special events, from invitations & decorations, to clean-up & Thank You notes.

Small Business Services

Providing one-stop convenience for all of your small business needs!

  • Purchase and deliver office supplies
  • Pick up/delivery to customers, post office, UPS
  • Provide local courier services
  • Assist with customer mailings
  • Travel services
  • Special event planning

For the Traveler

  • Collect mail
  • Water plants
  • Pet sit
  • Restock perishable items

If it's legal, moral and safe, but not listed in the 'services offered', please inquire.  The range of our services is nearly limitless.  If we can’t provide a service we will do our best to find you someone who does.