Call That Girl, SC

About That Girl

That Girl is a concierge and errand service developed to help you balance your busy life, and give you back some precious, personal time.  We offer you help in a time of need when all of those tasks and errands become overwhelming!  That Girl can help when you just don't have the time or energy to get it all done. Call That Girl!

That Girl provides clients with dependable, time-saving services for a variety of personal and professional needs, from errand runner to home management. Whether we’re picking up the groceries, finding someone to take care of your landscaping, or scheduling and coordinating an important event in your life, That Girl makes your life easier with a professional organizer and personal assistant! You’ll save time and maximize efficiency at your home or business. Get That Girl to manage your personal errands, household jobs, shopping, and more! We have a remarkably wide range of household services that we offer for today’s busy pace.  That Girl is your personal assistant to organize and manage your lifestyle.

'That Girl’ is founded by me, Christine Schinker.  I have a knack for getting things done quickly and effectively and have been told often that I can get more accomplished in one hour than most people.  Try me!  With a professional background in sales, research and marketing, as well as personal experience as a musician and mother, I have the experience, valuable energy, and sensibility to get things accomplished efficiently.  Let me put my unique abilities to work for you or your business.

I guarantee my service 100%.  100% customer satisfaction is my goal!

All services can be tailored to meet your needs, can be scheduled weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or as a onetime only.